STROKK is the only Keystroke Dynamics system fully integrated with the Windows login system. STROKK will learn how you type your password and will build a profile for you, without storing any information about the password itself. The information kept by STROKK is only timing information. After  a short training, STROKK will be able to authenticate the password, meaning  that in the commercial version, even if someone has full knowledge of your password, he or she will be kept out of your computer with no way to log in.

After installing STROKK, your logon screen will automatically show STROKK KSD Credential Provider.

Note that its appearance is almost identical to the default password credential provider, shown below, except for the legend "STROKK KSD Credential Provider" on top of the password box.

If STROKK is not shown immediately or if you want to switch to the default password credential provider or any other credential provider you might have installed (like a fingerprint reader or a smart card), click on the label "Sign-in options" that appears below the password box and a list of available credential providers will be displayed, where you can choose STROKK.

Typing your password into STROKK should look and feel similar to the logon screen you are used to. After eight successful logins, a biometric template of your unique typing signature will be fully trained. Now, if an impostor tries to log into your account, he will be detected!

This is a demo version of STROKK meant for evaluation purposes only and as such the biometric verification can be bypassed simply by choosing back the default password credential provider. The full version forces the user through the biometric verification and has plenty of options, like allowing you to choose the security level, set user policies, configure alerts and monitor all your users and computers from a central management console.

You can change your usual password in the Windows system, STROKK will transparently update your profile for the new password.

If you decide to reset your profile, just follow this procedure:

In the start menu, choose the folder STROKK or search for "Reset to factory default".

A warning message will be shown. Click "Accept".

When factory defaults are successfully restored, a message will be shown.